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I'm already releasing my next song in about april 18 or later I'll have it finished by then I already have a name for it it's called Home Again. Also on april 30 I will be releasing 2 songs in newgrounds and also set of 12 or more songs in so stay tuned for the song in april 18 and the other set of a songs in april 30 and have a great day.

Another New Song

2012-04-14 00:41:29 by ThatLazyPaisa

My new song is out now it's called Despondent really hope you like it and have a great day.

New Song

2012-04-12 21:56:50 by ThatLazyPaisa

I'm going to upload my new song called Despondent tomorrow it's another piano song really hope you enjoy it.


2012-04-09 20:39:45 by ThatLazyPaisa

Make sure to check out my new song called contemplation's and don't forget to follow me on

What Can You Expect?

2012-03-29 21:23:33 by ThatLazyPaisa

This Post Is to Inform You That What You Can Expect If You Keep Watching or playing my games and my music that I post if you want to keep in touch you could follow me at that's were I will keep you informed on most of the stuff and if you want to listen to my music check me out at that is were I will post my music first also the other places you can check me out is at my website my other group website which is also if you want to to talk the best places I will respond are twitter. but anyway what you can expect is more games but better than my last game drop block and I will be working on drop block to make it better also more music and maybe even animation and art so make sure to follow on me on twitter to keep informed about all this again that's and have a nice day yea.

Sincerely IvanRodriguez/ThatLazyPaisa

My New Game

2012-03-26 22:43:17 by ThatLazyPaisa

This post is to inform you that my new game has just released it is named drop block I suggest you go check it out it is addicting and lots of fun there is only ten levels but more levels will be released in the upcoming event. I will try to have maybe 20 or more levels by April 10th so stay tuned but in the mean time play through the ten levels of my game. also if you have questions about any thing please make sure to message me yea.

Sincerely IvanRodriguez/ThatLazyPaisa